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Khatib A.F. Waheed conducts Racial Equity Learning Exchange Sessions  as a national presenter, facilitator and consultant. He has provided these services since 2011 in support of a number of judicial circuits, child welfare and juvenile justice jurisdictions and other organizations working to improve services and outcomes for children and families of color. In  recent years this work  has been expanded nationally to engage an ever increasing number of public and private agencies.

Learning Objectives

The three basic objectives for the Racial Equity Learning Exchange (RELE) Session are to:

  • build individual and organizational capacity to engage in "courageous conversation" about the intersections of race, poverty and the need for multi-systemic reform; 

  • create a safe learning environment that invites each participant to identify and discuss how potential racial attitudes,  assumptions, and stereotypes might be impacting child and family outcomes; and

  • Provide a learning framework for identifying, understanding and addressing structural racism and achieving racial equity.




So that we can work together to meet your organizational commitment to achieve racially equitable outcomes, culturally sensitive organizational practices and democratically inclusive action strategies.



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                 Our Clients

    It is a great privilege to work for and with so  many individuals and organizations that care  about changing adverse conditions impacting children of color, their families and communities. Some of our more recent customers of the Racial Equity Learning Exchange Session℠, listed below, represent state and county level jurisdictions, national foundations, organizations, and local school districts and agencies:


    • Administrative Office of Courts, Washington State

    • Bronx Family Court Improvement Project

    • Casey Family Programs, Seattle, Washington

    • Children's Village, Westchester, New York

    • Circuit Attorney, City of St. Louis

    • Iowa Department of Human Services

    • Lawyers for Children, New York

    • Missouri Children's Division, Department Social Services

    • Missouri Department of Mental Health

    • Monroe County Department of Human Services

    • Office on Children and Family Services, New York 

    • Children’s Village, Dobbs Ferry, New York

    • National Council of Juvenile and Family Court Judges

    • New Yorkers for Children

    • New York Administration for Children and Families (ACS)

    • New York Office on Children and Family

    • Places For People, St. Louis, MO

    • Services (OCFS) and Department of Juvenile Justice and Opportunities for Youth (DJJOY)

    • North County Police Chiefs Association, St. Louis County, MO

    • Office of Mayor, City of St. Louis and the Civil Rights Enforcement Agency

    • St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department

    • St. Louis Public Schools

    • TEACH Society, St. Louis, MO


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