"As you know, courageous conversations requires an expert facilitator. Mr. Waheed and the RELE process created both for our stakeholders. In fact, before we were able to secure his services, we had utilized other facilitators with disastrous results. Fortunately, Khatib was able to undo the damage done and rebuild an atmosphere of trust among our participants. Upon his foundation we have been able to build a far reaching collaborative initiative called Race Matters for Juvenile Justice... It now involves the Courts, DSS, law enforcement, our school system, advocates, faith based organizations, prosecutors, county officials and many others."
Louis A. Trosch, District Court Judge, Mecklenburg County, 26th Judicial District, State of North Carolina, General Court of Justice

"There will always be some whose personal journeys make it more challenging to open themselves to consideration of new ways of thinking, and Khatib was masterful in hearing the challenges of those people, expressed his appreciation for their honesty and gently invited them to continue to question. The evaluations of his work were overwhelmingly positive. Khatib's work paved the way for us to develop multiple working groups to continue the work toward racial equity. Two years later these groups continue to be active and involved in working toward improved staff relationships and improved outcomes for children and families."  Cynthia W. Lewis, LMSW, ACSW, Former Director, Child and Family Services, Monroe County, Department of Human Services, New York 


"I have been amazed at Khatib Waheed's ability to facilitate discussion on the difficult issue of institutional racism. His ability to create an atmosphere which allows for thoughtful discussion and analysis of the issue prompted me to invite him to provide training in Colorado for judicial officers and other professionals (including law enforcement) involved in juvenile cases... The trainings received excellent evaluations and led to the implementation of committees in multiple judicial districts focused on the issues of disproportionality and disparities...There is no question his trainings have been beneficial." Judge Katherine Delgado, Courts of the Seventeenth Judicial District, State of Colorado

“With Mr. Waheed's expert facilitation, our County has initiated a variety of systems improvements that now recognize the need to safely address institutional practices and policies that disadvantage certain groups, with a focus on the well-being of the children we serve. The processes that Mr. Waheed led us through were so valued that we have had Commissioners from various Policy Advisory Committees  specifically request his consultation on further educating stakeholders with whom we partner." 

Lori A. Medina, MSW, Director, County of Santa Clara, Social Services Agency, Department of Family and Children's Services


“Mr. Waheed's approach to the work is sensitive and caring. He has the unique ability to make everyone in the room feel engaged and to acknowledge the value of varying opinions. It is my considered opinion that you could not find a better person than Khatib Waheed.”Ernestine S. Gray, Chief Judge, Orleans Parish Juvenile Court


"In general, each session I participated where Khatib presented, the audience develops an appreciation of the many factors that contribute to some of the issues involving the overrepresentation of minorities in court systems, the elements of implicit bias that exist, the historic establishment of race in our society, and much more. In my opinion the most valuable portion of Mr. Waheed's trainings is that the discussion does not stop there. He then allows the participants to develop ideas of how to counter, respond and overcome some of the barriers identified during the discussions."  Patricia M. Martin, Presiding Judge, Circuit Court of Cook County, Child Protection Division, State of Illinois"

" Khatib has helped us underscore in a multifaceted manner ways to help our staff better understand disproportionality and disparity in a broader scope than just race, i.e. resource provisions, service provisions (how they impact), etc. He helped to identify what to ask for when addressing training needs, looking at protective capacities in child welfare and how the system itself and the manner of approach can have far reaching ramifications in these areas outside the scope of race."

Annette House, MSW, LCSW, Regional Manager, Missouri Children's Division, City of St. Louis

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