3.   Improving Outcomes is the third purpose for participating in a RELE Session℠. Talking about race must serve a purpose that is greater than the activity alone. Ultimately, Racial Equity Learning Exchange Sessions℠ are focused on improving outcomes in places where black and brown people live, work, learn and play. The Structural Racism Theory of Change (SRTOC) is a tool developed by the Aspen Roundtable on Comprehensive Community Change, that uses a racial equity framework to develop an action plan that reduces racial disparities. The RELE Sessions℠ employ tools that help participants deliberately focus on improving outcomes for all children, families, and communities, especially for persons of color.

4.  Tracking Results: The last purpose of the RELE Sessions℠ is to encourage the consistent use of data and other internal organizational capacities to track and report on progress and challenges associated with racial equity work. How do we use the data to help make mid-course corrections where needed? How can we ever know how close racial disparity gaps and achieve racial equality if we do not track, measure and report on it?

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