Waheed Participates in Nelson Mandela Salute in St. Louis

Khatib Waheed, representing the Free South Africa Movement, was one of the keynote speakers at a Nelson Mandela Recognition in St. Louis, Missouri on December 12, 2013, remembers the South African Anti-Apartheid Political Leader.

The celebratory event featured speeches by Waheed, St. Louis Labor Activist Lew Moye, Coalition of Black Trade Unionist, Alderman Terry Kennedy, D-18th Ward, a visual slide show presentation about Mandela and a special tribute by the Simba Wachanga performing the South African boot dance. The memorial service for Nelson Mandela was held locally at Centennial Christian Church, 4950 Fountain Ave.

The Memorial Service was sponsored by the Coalition of Black Trade Unionists (CBTU), Centennial Christian Church, Organization for Black Struggle, St. Louis Clergy Coalition, St. Louis City NAACP, Universal African Peoples Organization, Interfaith Partnership and the American Federation of Government Employees Union (AFGE).

Participants included Rev. Derrick Perkins, pastor of Centennial Christian Church; Lew Moye of CBTU, Jamala Rogers of OBS; Zaki Baruti of UAPO; Reverends C. Jessel Strong, Earl Nance Jr. and E.G. Shields Sr. of St. Louis Clergy Coalition; Adolphus Pruitt of the NAACP; Khatib Waheed of STL Free South Africa; Rev. David Mehl of Interfaith Partnership and Steve Hollis of AFGE.

More than 200 citizens came out and participated in the service, despite the cold weather conditions. Nelson Mandela’s life, legacy and values were celebrated through scriptures, speeches, dance and song.

The speakers included Lew Moye, St. Louis County Executive Charlie Dooley, St. Louis Comptroller Darlene Green, Ald. Terry Kennedy, D-18th Ward, St. Louis License Collector Mavis Thompson, Rev. Ronald Bobo Sr. of West Side Missionary Baptist Church, Rabbi Randy Fleisher of Central Reform Congregation, Minister Akbar Muhammad of Nation of Islam, Imam Muhamed Hasic of Islamic Community, Father Art Cavitt of St Charles Lwanga Center, Daja Drake of McKinley High School and Rev. Derrick Perkins.

The speakers focused on how the life, legacy and values of Nelson Mandela affected their lives, work and thoughts. Some reflected on meeting President Mandela and visits to South Africa. Speaker after speaker challenged the audience and youth to stand up for justice, equality and freedom to make the world a better place in the tradition of Nelson Mandela.

Music was performed by Centennial Christian Church Mass Choir and clarinetist Ralleigh Grandberry III. African Dance was performed by Tamrah Clark, Erika Lambert of the Lighthouse Dancers and the Simba Wachanga performing the South African Gum Boots Dance as a tribute to Mandela.


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