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 "Racial equity work is a complex, highly iterative process that engages our minds, emotions, and souls. It inspires us to expose, challenge, and undo our negative racial/ethnic perceptions, intentions and behaviors toward each other.  It becomes transcendent at the point when we truly embrace the belief that all human beings are created equal. But we must be willing to open our hearts and trust the process. Ultimately the process must transform institutional policy and practice so that the socio-economic outcomes and conditions of well-being for black and brown people become racially equitable."   

Khatib A.F. Waheed

Racial Equity Learning Exchanges (RELE)
Sessions Are:




Data Driven


Waheed at Community Meeting
Kim Gardner, Waheed and Youth002
National Association of Black Social Workers Conference
MO. DMH Listening Session
Sunshine Law - Circuit Attorney's Office
CSSP Congressional Briefing
RELE Session for Alive and Well in St. Louis, MO
Congressional Briefing for Congressman Jim McDermott
Race and Trauma Listening Session
MO. DMH Listening Session
RELE Session with Lawyers for Children in New York
I-70 Northwest Development Corporation Anniversary
RELE Session with St. Louis Economic Development Partnership
RELE Session with Florida's Office of Early Learning
MO. DMH Listening Session in Walnut Park
African Community Health Fair in Turner Park4
RELE Session for MO. DMH
Community Justice Coalition At Circuit Attorney Kim Gardner's Press Conference
March and Resilience Coalition 202
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