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What They Say...

 There will always be some whose personal journeys make it more challenging to open themselves to consideration of new ways of thinking, and Khatib was masterful in hearing the challenges of those people, expressed his appreciation for their honesty and gently invited them to continue to question. The evaluations of his work were overwhelmingly positive. Khatib's work paved the way for us to develop multiple working groups to continue the work toward racial equity. Two years later these groups continue to be active and involved in working toward improved staff relationships and improved outcomes for children and families."

 Cynthia W. Lewis, LMSW, ACSW, Former Director,

Child and Family Services, Monroe County, Department of Human Services, New York 

 Khatib has been a critical partner for us as we have grown Alive and Well Communities. He has helped us build understanding among a variety of stakeholders about the history of racism in our country and how it still impacts outcomes today. His training challenges conventional narratives and helps motivate people from all backgrounds to be part of changing systems and communities.

Jennifer Brinkmann – President, Alive & Well

Khatib Waheed's RELE sessions are incredibly powerful!  I have participated in several sessions, each  of which has educated, empowered, challenged, and inspired me to work hard to achieve racial equity as well as equity for the various marginalized groups in America.  Khatib is a gifted presenter, who works tirelessly and meticulously.  He develops thorough, thought-provoking presentations that change hearts and minds, and empower everyday people to take action to improve conditions in this country.  

Serena Joyce White-Lake, Esq., Adjunct Professor, Albany Law School

Working with Mr. Waheed has been a refreshing and revolutionary experience. Participating in these sessions has exceeded our expectations and successfully shifted the mindset of our staff to strive to create an equity-focused workplace. We are grateful for the opportunity to work with someone who has such deep compassion and will for justice. 

Tondra Talley

Wilson County Department of Social Services

"As you know, courageous conversations requires an expert facilitator. Mr. Waheed and the RELE process created both for our stakeholders. In fact, before we were able to secure his services, we had utilized other facilitators with disastrous results. Fortunately, Khatib was able to undo the damage done and rebuild an atmosphere of trust among our participants. Upon his foundation we have been able to build a far reaching collaborative initiative called Race Matters for Juvenile Justice... It now involves the Courts, DSS, law enforcement, our school system, advocates, faith based organizations, prosecutors, county officials and many others."


 Louis A. Trosch, District Court Judge, Mecklenburg County, 26th Judicial District,

State of North Carolina, General Court of Justice 

 “With Mr. Waheed's expert facilitation, our County has initiated a variety of systems improvements that now recognize the need to safely address institutional practices and policies that disadvantage certain groups, with a focus on the well-being of the children we serve. The processes that Mr. Waheed led us through were so valued that we have had Commissioners from various Policy Advisory Committees  specifically request his consultation on further educating stakeholders with whom we partner."

Lori A. Medina, MSW, Director, County of Santa Clara, Social Services Agency,

Department of Family and Children's Services   

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