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Making Life Work Conference 2021

Check out a few photos from the Summer Bridge program participants at the Making Life Work Conference 2021 for Young Adults on August 17, 2021 at Harris Stowe State University. The goal of the conference was to provide strategies and coping mechanisms for the young adults to manage their emotions, their finances and their lives.

The youth thoroughly enjoyed informative speakers: St. Louis Prosecuting Attorney Wesley Bell, Ferguson Mayor Ella M. Jones, Dr. Aline Phillips, St. Louis Regional Financial Empowerment Coalition, (yours truly) Khatib AF Waheed and Keep Pedaling Wyntra Johnson.

Board members Zita Casey, Kerry Melton Mac Thompson, Fabianna T Solari, Lacy Gevers, Charlotte Owens also supported the new students and the event.

Rev. Dr. Nina Thompson, NICHE Public Relations Photos from Elm Solutions LLC.


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