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Warrant Reset Event & Second Chance Job Fair

Reprinted from St. Louis Magazine

The Circuit Attorney, Mayor, City of St. Louis, and the Urban League of St. Louis, co-hosted a Warrant Reset and Second Chance Job Fair on August 26, 2022. The full-day event was a huge success offering date resets on municipal warrants, and some felonies, including child support, along with employment opportunities and other supports for persons with prior convictions who need a second chance to legitimately re-enter the workforce.

The event was co-sponsored by the following organizations:

- St. Louis Circuit Attorney's Office - Office of the Mayor of the City of St. Louis - Urban League of Metropolitan St. Louis - City of St. Louis Municipal Court - City of St. Louis Circuit Court

There are catastrophic consequences for having an open warrant and/or a resulting conviction. The goal of this event was to help create a pathway to different life by resetting municipal and felony warrants and introducing those members of the community to employers who are willing to hire persons in need of a second chance. Without this kind of opportunity, too many will face an economic death sentence that relegates them to underemployment and unemployment as they move in and out of the criminal justice system.

Contact persons included: - Nicolle Barton, Executive Director CJCC, City of St. Louis - Khatib Waheed, Director, Community Engagement and Strategic Partnerships, St. Louis Circuit Attorney’s Office COVID guidelines were observed. Masks were required.


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